What Is Uplighting?

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Uplighting is a type of lighting used to set the ambiance of any entertainment space. HotBeats Entertainment offers uplighting to transform any plain indoor event space into a colorful and lively entertainment extravaganza.

We place lights on the floor at the perimeter of your reception hall or ballroom to illuminate the room in blues, greens, purples or any color you wish. You can alternate colors or stick with an accent color to enhance the event space.

Call HotBeats Entertainment at 517-402-6911 today to add uplighting to your next event.

3 benefits of using uplighting

3 benefits of using uplighting

Enhance your venue instantly with uplighting services from HotBeats Entertainment. You'll love our lights because they are:

  1. Small and easy to move.
  2. Bright and bold in any room.
  3. Vibrant and come in many colors.

Most uplighting stretches up the entire height of the walls in reception halls. Add a pop of color to your special occasion by calling HotBeats Entertainment at 517-402-6911 for uplighting services today.