Create a Custom Monogram for Your Event

We'll display the design at your event space

Is your event missing something? Whether it's a fundraising event, campaign kickoff or a wedding, HotBeats Entertainment can help you add something special to the occasion. We create custom monogram templates to display at your event.

Add a graphic or logo in the center of the dance floor. Display the initials of the bride and groom on the wall behind the wedding party table. There are plenty of templates and font options to choose from. You can project the designs on the floor, walls or a mix of both.

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3 reasons to project a monogram design at your event

3 reasons to project a monogram design at your event

Add a contemporary design element to your big day with help from HotBeats Entertainment. We create custom graphics and monograms with different colors and fonts to match your style. Use our monogram services to:

  1. Add a personalized touch to your wedding day.
  2. Place your custom graphic on the event's entryway.
  3. Display your company logo for a professional design element.

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